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About the Class

"I attended the March (2013) extraction class in Guatemala. It was one of the best continuing ed courses that I have ever attended. Tommy and Fletch do an outstanding job teaching extraction theory and really prepare you before turning you loose doing extractions. I had not done many extractions in the past and definitely avoided anything that I thought might turn into a complication. I thought that I would just post an extraction that I did today that I would have never attempted before I went to Guatemala." Dr. Tom Bird, Anchorage, Alaska

"My one goal from this experience was to become more confident with
extractions and help out patients with same day care that came in for
limited exams and not have to refer them to the oral surgeon and I have
been able to complete those appointments now in less than 20-30 minutes
instead of in 1-2 hours. It has helped a lot that I walk in with confidence
and don't get in my own head and stop myself from doing treatment out of fear.  Dr. Daniel Taw

Yukon, Oklahoma

Even Small Dentists Can Remove Big Teeth

"One of the greatest lessons I learned from Dr. Murph was how to use the 301 correctly.  It makes SUCH a difference,.  In text books, or in schools, all they teach is to place the tip apically, but really it's about making that force come from the body/elbow--Not the wrist.  For a smaller person like me, you can't imagine what a difference it's made when I Extract teeth.  Dr. Fletcher taught me how to suture more efficiently.  I won't forget his phrase (practice makes permanent, not perfect)....anyways, for those of you who haven't taken the course, take it!  You don't know what you don't know, until you learn it."  Dr. Sara Rahman, Mississauga, Ontario Canada

Tommy, I wanted to thank you Fletch, Danny, Patrick, and Jenny for an amazing trip. I did feel part of your family and was so comfortable that I forgot all my inhibitions, fears, hesitancy in the first hour of clinic. I went from removing teeth with advanced periodontitis to doing a lower partial impacted tooth. Still can't believe that one. The trip was unbelievably organized. I felt safe at both Antigua and Guatemala City. The hotels were perfect. It didn't feel like I was out of the US. I appreciate your help and support not only while I was on the trip but also into the unforeseenable future.

Thank you again for everything.

Please look me up if you ever visit South Florida.


Dr. Raj Dulay

Tamarac, Florida

What used to be my most hated procedure is now my favorite and I look forward to it!  

Dr.  Natalie Schindler

Banff, Alberta, Canada

Hygienist's Love the Class

"During the day we had our classes, I went to all of them and found them very interesting. As a RDH you will learn some anesthesia techniques that I promise you have never used before. I am from Washington State and have worked for a general dentist would did lots of oral surgery so I was anesthetizing dozens of times a day (before the class it worked out to about 850k shots delivered) and I still hadn't used some of the techniques I was taught. Not only was I taught during lecture, I was also given plenty of opportunity to practice them during clinic (more on that later). I appreciated that even though I was an RDH, and I didnt pay the money the docs did, I was still given plenty of instruction that was focused on me, even during lecture they would say things like, Andrew- listen up this is for you. So if you are into the learning aspect of it, youll love it!!

I found acceptance. As an RDH sometimes its hard because of the natural hierarchy that exists within the office that sometimes we are talked down to or dismissed. Most of the docs were pretty fresh out of school, some had been doing it for YEARS, and a few were somewhere in between. I never felt that I should just hang out with the spouses etc. They made a point to include me in trips, adventure, dining, hanging out at the pool or beach, clinic, and during the course. It felt more like a group of friends hanging out rather than the dr-hyg-asst dynamic of the office, and especially important to me, I didnt feel like a charity case (the "oh lets help the poor hygienist who doesnt know anything" attitude). I really appreciated that. So if you are looking for a low stress, non dramatic experience, you'll find it here." Andrew Johnston RDH  Washington State

I got my MOJO Back!  Dr. Dawn Kulongowski  Michigan

Best Return on Investment Class I have taken in 30 years of dentistry.  Dr. John Lee   Houston, Texas

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