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All health care providers are required to hold their appropriate licenses.
Volunteers not involved in patient care have no licensing requirements.
Valid Passport (a  visa is not required for U.S. passport holders) for Visa requirements if not a U.S citizen check this website:
Health care providers supply their own Personal Protective Equipment:
Gloves: 3 boxes your size
Eyewear (Loops and Lights if used in office)
Dentists are also required to bring the following:
Camera to record image of radiographs (Phone camera works well)
Anesthetic: 3 boxes 2% Lido w 1:100,000 epi, cannot be expired
The most important thing everyone must bring is:
Healthy attitude and the capacity to Modify, Adapt and Overcome.
Sense of caring and adventure.
Traveling to Guatemala:
You will fly into Guatemala City airport code (GUA). The people are very friendly and the area is very safe.  Passport control and customs have never been a problem. We will provide you with official documents identifing you as a member of our mission group. The people of Guatemala are friendly and the language is Spanish and several Mayan dialects. The U.S.Dollar is accepted in the city and the official currency is the Quetzal. The exchange rate is Q7 per U.S.Dollar. Bring only clean untorn and unmarked bills if you want to exchange them. You can exchange money at the Holiday Inn so don't worry about stopping in the airport. The Holiday Inn has a FREE shuttle to the hotel from the airport, so you don't need a taxi. Only a 5-7 minute drive.  See you at the Hotel.

Dr. Tommy Murph

Tel: (843) 488-4357


Dr. Gayle Fletcher

Tel: (936) 537-8875


Overlook at Xela

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