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"Formed in the spirit of sharing intellectual and practical approachs to successful dentistry."




This mission course came about out of a need by many Doctors to improve their Exodontic skills. The week long Hands On Mission Course is the showcase event that is a must for anyone that desires to improve their skill set. Designed to take you back to the basics the lecture series will discuss two different approaches to successful exodontia.

That is just the start of the what has been called "The best Return on Investment of any CE".  The clinic will permit you to gain the experience and confidence while having a team of instructors that have your back. Don't let your Office be the one that says "No" when a patient asks "Does the doctor extract teeth?"



Dental Development Seminars is committed to giving. We work in locations for people that do not have access to dental care. The services we provide will always be to the same stringent standards we use in our own offices.  Provide a safe work environment and assist trained doctors with up to the date information enabling them to make educated choices in case selection.  Through exposure to actual clinical cases, skills and confidence are refined.



 Drs. Fletcher and Murph teamed up in July 2011 and held the inaugural mission course in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. After three classes in Costa Rica, the mission course was moved to Guatemala in 2012 and noone has looked back.

This mission course is not just about learning how to extract teeth. This mission course is about giving back. We are all blessed with skills and the fortune to live in a country that rewards us for those skills. We are blessed to have food, clean water and access to healthcare and the ability to pay for it. The areas we serve would not have access to the kind of treatment we provide if we didn't go there. There is never a charge to anyone we treat.

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